Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still can't steal my love from cupcakes

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So before showing you all my pretty pictures of cakeballs I have to tell you a back story. If you only care about pretty eye candy then just skip this next paragraph full of my professions of love for cupcakes and wearing random objects as earrings.

For those of you still with me here's the deal: See I have this little obsession with cupcakes... Like I have socks with cupcakes on them and I'm planning on making myself polymer clay cupcake earrings as soon as I get a moment. Random fact: I will wear ANYTHING in my ears. Feathers, paperclips, buttons,once I tried to wear polly pocket clothes hangers as earrings but my older sister wouldn't let me... Anyway on with the back story. Whenever a see an item online or in a store with a cupcake on it I squeal. Embarrassing I know... 
Now I had never heard of a cakeball before until few months ago my friend told me about these cake balls she had at a baby shower and that I just had to make them. She would not stop raving about them and how as soon as I tried on I'd forget about all other desserts forever. Pff yea right.... Then about a month ago I read an article saying that cake balls were the "new" cupcake for 2011. I was shocked! How could anything replace my precious cupcakes? Since then I have had people tell me over and over how much I need to try making cakeballs.
I finally gave in.

This is a cake ball. It's delicious. 
More delicious than a cupcake? .........yes
Cuter than a cupcake?  Not quite...
I'm sorry but have you ever heard of cake ball socks? Cake ball earrings? How about a cake ball tee shirt?
I thought so!
Now for your eye candy pleasure. Here are some pictures of my little cake balls taken in the light box I made today out of a cardboard box, tissue paper, poster board, and a desk lamp. Classy eh?

If you'd like to make a batch of these lovelies yourself click on the little linkie for instructions!
The recipe is for red velvet cake balls. But one of the things I do love about these babies is that the combinations are endless. Mine were chocolate cake cake with chocolate frosting, dipped in white chocolate, with little sprinkles on top. Yum! I'm going to make them again for a Miss America Party on Saturday!

Ta ta for now!


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