Sunday, January 30, 2011

Country Chic

                          What nice lush brown grass.

The Details 
Plaid Shirt:Ross
Cami:Old Navy
Jeans:American Eagle
Sparkly Keds:Urban Outfitters
Cherry Socks:Target
Headband:Target?? (borrowed from sis)
Earrings:F21(gift from friend) 
Necklace:made from an old aeropostale key chain

So this is what I wore on Saturday to hang out at a coffee shop and the library with friends, eat pizza with the fam, and just chill... Well... Not really since drinking large amounts of coffee makes me the exact opposite of chill... But ya know...

I felt very country wearing a plaid shirt and rolled up jeans. But the sparkly shoes and accessories made it a bit more chic.
I seriously LOVE those shoes! They instantly make every outfit cuter! Plus extra bonus: They are crazy comfortable!! I also seem to have this uncontrollable urge to photograph them every time they're on my feet! Anyway I should probably stop talking about my shoes now.... I don't have a shoe fetish, I promise!!

I need to try to get some sleep tonight since I only got 4 hours last night! That ladies and germs is what happens when you give me coffee and an antihistamine that makes me super jittery. Which is why I try to avoid taking that antihistamine. But what was I to do? That silly ant just walked right up to me and bit me! (I'm allergic to ants) 

I'll be back tomorrow with a post on what I wore today!

Ta Ta for now!


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