Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sparkle and Shine

The Details
Shirt: Banana Rebuplic (borrowed from sister)
Cardigan: Gap or Oldnavy (borrowed from sister)
Jeans: American Eagle
Sparkly Keds: Urban Outfitters
Headband: Target?? (borrowed from sister)
Button Earrings: Made by moi

This is what I wore on Sunday. I knew I wanted to wear my sister's sparkly shirt, which then led to sparkly earrings, sparkly keds, and my favorite jeans just because they're my favorite.... Then I stole  my sister's shiny headband on the way out the door to church cause my hair needed more volume and I didn't have time to back comb it.... Actually the whole outfit was pretty much stolen from my sister and tossed on right before running out the door to church... What can I say? I over slept.

Oh and I didn't actually steal my sister's clothes. I asked her first. Except for the headband... But oh well she borrows my clothes way more than I borrow hers anyway so she didn't care...

So anyway... just a sparkly outfit for a lazy Sunday.

Ta ta for now!

I had to include the second and the last photo so you could see my full outfit even though the second one is all blurry and lighting is weird and in the last one the lighting is also weird and I look like I really need to use the lou. What can I say? I got distracted with a craft project when I should have been taking these photos and by the time I got out to take them the lighting was off. Then my photographer got frustrated with the lighting and I had to take what I could get. Oh well... I promise there will be better photos next time!

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