Wednesday, April 18, 2012


      A List of Things I'm Looking Forward to About Getting Home.

       In no particular order...

  • Wearing shorts, tee shirts, and sandals again, everyday. 
  • Also my heels... My beautiful heels....
  • Trips to the beach with the besties!
  • Checking things off our bucket list.
  • Sleeping in my own bed with Porky. I miss that guy...
  • Buying a pet turtle. It's been something like three years since my hamster died. I think it's time to move on...
  • Cleaning up the beach and washing cars with the Student Council.
  • Doing this to my hair. :)
  • Baking again! My pinterest is covered in recipes that I've been dying to try for the past 3 weeks. Also thinking of trying some baking with amaranth flour. 
  • Easier access to Caffeine (It's that revered that it requires capitalization of the first letter.)
  • Some relaxed summer wardrobe shopping.
  • Finding out what play I'll be spending my summer rehearsing and performing.
  • Getting back to running every morning, and working out my arms and abs with my buddies. I want a 4-pack!!
  • Being able to blast my music while doing boring tasks.
  • Smashing all my junk from this trip into my Smash Book.
  • Wednesday nights at Palm Valley.
  • Leaving home again for SC camp at Mo Ranch!

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