Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hop back on that horse and try try again!

Hola folks!
It's me again! It's been a tad too long since I've posted here....
This blogging thing is not as easy as it looks and I don't even have any readers yet! ;)
Well it's time for me to hop back on that horse and try try again! I think I'm mixing two phrases there but oh well... I have some outfits photographed from the past few weeks that I never posted so I think we'll be playing catch up for a bit... I've also got a few projects going and I'm helping with a friend's wedding that's less than two weeks from today and there's still quite a bit to be done. ( By helping I don't just mean showing up at the church the day before and hanging some tulle I mean I'm making decorations, I'm hanging decorations, I'm arranging the flowers, I'm baking the cake, and I'm photographing the wedding. Yeah... Not at all stressful....)
Well for now I shall leave you with some outfit photos from many Sundays ago.

The Details
Dress: F21
Cardi: Gap
Boots: Target
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Bangles: Borrowed from sis

Uh I just realized that I wore this on January 30. I thought it was more recent than that. Weird... Well I guess time's fun when you're having flies! Or something like that... Also how weird is it that 'realized' is spelled with a 'z'! I always try to spell it with an 's' and then it gets that annoying little red line underneath and forces me to change it to a 'z'! Anyway I don't really remember too much about Sunday January 30... I wore that dress because I really like it and I wore those boots because I really like them but don't wear them nearly enough and the cardigan was put on because it was a tad chilly. I went to church and I ate lunch, hung out with my family, and I think I had waffles for dinner. I also might have gone over to my best friend's house at some point... I'm not really sure though... I could check my journal entry for that day but that would require standing up so I'll think we'll just leave it at that.

Bye bye!


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  1. I love that dress. Pretty sure I could LIVE in F21. Love that store so much!